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How to Draw: Free Artist Drawing Course for Beginners

Have you always wanted to draw but don't even know how to start? You think it's impossible, you can't even draw stick figures! Worry not, you have already started on your path to becoming an artist.  

It all starts with this free drawing course that will guide you on the path to becoming an artist. Broken down into fun and easy to understand lessons that will teach you the foundations of drawing and art.

"Art is never finished, only abandoned " - Leonardo Da Vinci

I believe that this applies to the artist as well as art. Those who dedicate their lives to art will agree that as artists we continue to grow, learn, and get better at art the more we create.


Understanding the basic drawing concepts in this free drawing course will help you understand the basics needed in order to grow as an artist. The knowledge and skills gained by completing this course is the basic foundation of art and applies to painting, figure drawing, digital, and animation and more.

The concepts and teachings will hopefully jumpstart your skills and aid you on your adventure into art. and will apply to portraits, figure drawing, painting, digital, 3D and animation. 

Hi, I'm JC, and I am creating this free drawing tutorial because I love making art and teaching others how to make art too. I believe that everyone is capable of making art, but just like learning an instrument or martial art, it's a discipline that requires lots of practice.

Learning Goals 

  • Learn to draw realistic objects from life

  • Learn to add shadows and shade realistically

  • Learn to draw with accurate proportions

  • Learn how to draw 3D objects


  • Paper - Blank printer paper and/or a sketchbook

  • HB (#2) Pencils

  • Eraser

Basic office supply quality is enough for this course, but real artist supplies will give you even better results. For more information on the right tools Click Here

Course Outline

Lesson 1: How to Sketch

Lesson 2: How to Draw Basic Shapes

Lesson 3: How to Draw Basic 3D Forms

Lesson 4: How to Draw-Through

Lesson 5: How to Measure a Drawing

Lesson 6: How to Shade your Drawing

Lesson 7: How Line Quality Helps Drawings

Lesson 8: How to Draw Perspective

Lesson 9: How to Draw using Values

Lesson 10: How to Draw using the Artistic Process