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Welcome to Cadena Studios

Aloha creative person, you probably ended up here trying to google some sort of animation cheat codes. Sorry but unfortunately there are no shortcuts when making an animation. It takes weeks, if not months for mere minutes of animation.

However, after working on a handful of animated shorts I believe that my animation production process can help motivate, educate, and assists you on your quest to make an animation.

What is “Let’s make an animation!”?

An inspirational animation blog breaking down the animation production pipeline. With an open forum focused on creating funny worlds from community engagement, we will create an animation short. Lessons, comparisons, and software walk-throughs will help you learn what you need to start making your ideas into living lines.

Directed by JC Cadena, you can help create, destroy and recycle animated worlds by subscribing, commenting and submitting your crazy ideas to the story pot.

Who am I?

Some 28 year old artists currently nowhere like everyone should be during this pandemic. I grew up in Miami but started my solo adventure in San Francisco where I  got my BFA in Visual Development.

After toiling away on other peoples projects, I'm finally fed up. Now I'm finally getting started on my dream, making an animated show!

What to expect.

Funny, weird, and hopeful destructive show. I just wanna blow up planets, whose down? Story is super important to everything I do, even if it’s just a random short. Being meticulous on each step of the process is always most important in the foundation, and that’s always gonna be the story.


The goal of this project is to create a hilarious animated show that will inspire someone out there in the middle of nowhere to create an even funnier show. Follow along with the project and contribute ideas, or work on your own with our community forums.

Ready? Let’s make an animation already!